Soaking up The Waves of Life
Artist:- The Magic Sponge

The Magic Sponge is a Studio Group formed by West London Musician, Songwriter and Brentford Fan Perry Richards, Comprising of Ex Furniture and Transglobal underground Singer/musician/Producer Tim Whelan, Guitarist George Pace, Bassist Geoff Bonner and Legendary Producer Engineer and AngloCentric records Mainstay David M. Allen (The Cure Human League, The Members). This album mixes Wry songwriting West London Realism and Motorik beats. As soon as I heard it I wanted it on my Label. JC Carroll. 2014 VIEW YOUTUBES HERE



1. When The Flintstones (met The Ramones) 3:16
2. All good teenagers (take off your clothes) 3:04
3. The Rebel 2:38
4. Older by the minute 4:54
5. Love's Semi Final 3:00
6. I am the Landlord 2:51
7. Born to Draw 3:56
8. Naturally off course 3:23
9. (I'm in with) The Out Crowd 4:54
10. My shining hour 3:14
11. Soaking up the Waves of Life 4:35

All songs written by Perry Richards
except 2. Gascoigne/Pace/Richards 7. Pace/Richards
The Players

Tim Whelan: Vocals and Keyboards
George Pace: Lead Guitar
Geoff Bonner : Bass Guitar
Sweet Faggy Allen : Drums
Perry Richards strictly rhythm guitar



Soaking up the Waves of Life - The Magic Sponge youtube