Soldid Gold Squeezy Action
Artist:- The Magic Sponge

The Magic Sponge is a Studio Group formed by West London Musician, Songwriter and Brentford Fan Perry Richards, Comprising of Furniture and Transglobal underground Singer/musician/Producer Tim Whelan, Guitarist George Pace, Bassist Geoff Bonner and Legendary Producer Engineer and AngloCentric records Mainstay David M. Allen (The Cure Human League, The Members). This album mixes Wry songwriting West London Realism and Motorik beats. This is their second lbum and it has some immediately likeable material great lyrics, deapan delivery and great production. Guest backing vocalist Trudy Singer Melissa Jo Heathcote adds Girl Power to this This album which mixes wry songwriting West London Realism and Motorik beats The Album has a a distinctly 1980s new wave style with a modern twist, Richards songs particularly Full of Holes and She said “thats just what just do” have a self depreciating honesty and humour that is as disarming as it is refreshing. And She Said T”hats just what girls do”.. has a brilliant Boy Girl repartee that is not dissimilar to The Human Leagues Classic Don't you want me. JC Carroll has given the song a facelift in two versions 5 minute epic reprise version and a 3 1/2 minute punchy Radio edit. Press Release is here


1.(She Said)That's Just What Girls Do 04:05
2.I'm Addicted to ebay 03:15
3.Dali 03:34
4.A Song for David Jones 03:21
5.Dr Who's disco dance-off 04:00
6.Child in the 60's 03:15
7.Too Much is Never Enough 03:40
8.I'm So Square 04:30
9.Sherbert Girl 03:24
10.Love is Full of Holes 03:23
11.Chiswick 03:48
12.Goodbye my Overrated Friend 03:54
13.(She Said) That's Just What Girls Do (JC Carroll version) 05:13

Tim Whelan: Vocals and Keyboards
George Pace: Lead Guitar
Geoff Bonner : Bass Guitar
Sweet Faggy Allen : Drums
Perry Richards strictly rhythm guitar




Soaking up the Waves of Life - The Magic Sponge youtube